From Tourist to Traveller: Airport, Immigration and Check In

This is the second blog about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous one before you continue.

20121209220323__mg_7435_6_7Around 4 a.m SGT my flight was somewhere close to Singapore airspace from there I could see the city and some of the skyscrapers and a few minutes later the plane started doing some acrobats just above the port, it was really scary!!

The plane landed and I was simply blown by the airport, it was majestic. After that, I had to stand in line for the immigration check. Spoiler alert that was the scariest part of my whole trip, maybe the movie The Terminal has something to do with that. After standing in line for 5 minutes,  I was face to face with the immigration officer, eventually, he allowed me to enter the country after asking a few questions and my 9 years old passport got its first visa.

wp_20161216_09_23_07_rich_liI was in a different city, a different country free to roam about but I had about 20kgs of luggage with me so I had to go the place where I was gonna unpack before the craziness began. I had booked a cheap place for me to stay, figured I will only be going there in the night to sleep what’s the point in wasting money staying in a decent hotel when I am staying alone, I didn’t see the value in staying at an expensive place. So I took a taxi from the Airport, ended up having a conversation with the driver, he suggested me a few things to do which I forgot 10 minutes later, I was just mesmerised by the country.

wp_20161216_09_27_53_rich_liI reached the hotel around 6:30 in the morning and it was actually decent, the room was nice and the staff was friendly. Once I got the room, the first thing I did was I took a shower, changed my clothes and I was in the dining area for breakfast. I ate a couple of sandwiches, drank tea and I was on the road to explore the city.


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