From Tourist to Traveller: Walking Tour

This is the third post about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous ones before you continue.

I have been living in Dehradun from last 12 years, which is relatively cold and the weather is always decent and I have gotten used to that. So warm weather is something which I tend to avoid and Singapore is somewhat warm, it had only been 5 minutes since I was out on the street and I was sweating like anything. Quick Tip, wear shorts and avoid shoes.

wp_20161216_09_23_07_rich_liIt was pretty clear that I was far away from India, everything was clean as if someone washed even the roads. Although I was in part of the city called ‘Little India‘ but it looked nothing like India. The architecture was something else(I am an architecture nerd) it looked beautiful.

wp_20161216_10_02_51_rich_liOne thing which I planned for this trip was to have no plan, so I began with no map in my hands or on my phone. I picked a general direction and started walking. Suddenly I was in front of Singapore Management University and it’s building was pretty cool but the thing which surprised me was the fact there were no walls surrounding it. It was open as it can get,  in India everything is kept hidden behind a door and a key regardless of its value. Honestly, after getting confused by the University I headed towards, I don’t know.. somewhere…

12Then I came across Singapore War Memorial, I looked at it but couldn’t feel a thing maybe because I don’t know about its history, later I saw where Union Jack was first hoisted on Singapore soil, I won’t comment about that. Then I got an opportunity to be funky as I saw a convention centre and it was hosting some medical meetup so I went in, I didn’t actually attend the convention cause I didn’t want to get bored but just saw the convention centre and before anyone could say anything I left the building.


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