From Tourist to Traveller: Flyer and Marina Bay

This is the fourth post about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous ones before you continue.

I had been out walking under the sun for several hours, in a city which is really close to the equator and I was thirsty. A quick tip, buy water from where you are staying one liter of mineral water cost me $6, that’s expensive!

wp_20161216_10_58_47_pro_liNow, I was just across the street to the Singapore Flyer and as amazing as it looked, it was pretty clear it won’t make any sense going there alone. Then I reached the Bay area, I knew Singapore has sea surrounding it but I kinda associated it with only tall buildings, so the waterfront kind of prevents Singapore from being a concrete jungle, it adds another dimension to it.

wp_20161216_11_23_54_rich_liMarina Bay Sands hotel is iconic and probably the first thing which anyone will notice in the Marina Bay area. There are so many things which one might overlook, like the Louis Vuitton building, it is one of the most interesting buildings I have ever seen. But the place which captured all my attention was the Art and Science Museum of Singapore.

wp_20161216_12_10_56_rich_liSpace fascinates all maybe because most of us don’t know enough about it and humans cave for the unknown things in life. A NASA exhibition was hosted at the Science Museum and there was no way in hell, I was gonna miss it.


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