From Tourist to Traveller: Marina Bay Sands

This is the fifth post about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous one before you continue.

If I had been visiting with a group of people, I wouldn’t have been able to see the Museum cause nobody would have spent $40 for it. So this where I started to see the advantage of being there alone, I could do anything I wanted.

wp_20161216_11_50_17_rich_liI bought tickets for 3 exhibitions Future World, NASA, and Journey to Infinity. Going in I was most excited for the NASA exhibition but it turns out I got the most out of the Future World. I work for a gaming company and I like to know about future tech as well, I read a lot of blogs and watch a lot documentaries  but here I got to see where the gaming and the creativity is heading towards whereas the NASA exhibit showed me how mankind reached to the moon, it was centered around the Apollo missions. Please follow the links above, it would take me 10 pages to describe the exhibition otherwise

wp_20161216_12_55_26_rich_liAfter spending a few hours at the museum I went to The Shoppes Mall, it has interesting things for any tourist, the indoor boating and all but the thing which caught my eye was the “DC Comics Superhero Cafe“, I am huge DC fan since I was a kid. I won’t get into that just read my blog about Batman.



wp_20161216_13_27_40_rich_liNow, it was time for my first official meal in Singapore. I wanted to skip any kind of food which I could eat back in India, which made things all the more confusing I had no idea about Singaporean food. After maybe going through 20-25 shops at the food court and between thousands of dishes I finally decided to eat chicken(so original right?). The meal cost me $6 and some cents, luckily I got some help from a local about the meal and recognising the cents. It was cooked according to my liking, I don’t like spices and it was just like that please don’t expect more from me about the dish, I only know how to make tea so don’t expect any answers from me about that.

img_20161216_121551Then I walked around the waterfront some more, suddenly I realised my phone is running out of battery. A Quick Tip, don’t forget to charge your phone before you leave your hotel. Then I sat in a cafe had a drink and observed the surroundings, kids were skateboarding and cycling. It reminded me of my cycling days, a part of me wanted to ask those kids if I can try but I didn’t want to break my jaw after falling from the skateboard.

My legs were hurting so bad from walking and honestly, the last day was quite hectic to begin with, and the time difference but I didn’t want the day to finish yet, I only had one option watch Star Wars.


4 thoughts on “From Tourist to Traveller: Marina Bay Sands

  1. The thing about traveling solo in a city like Singapore should be easy. We say should but it really depends if you are up to joining other solo travelers in their walks around the island. Well, like any city there will be little nooks and crannies to look out for. Enjoy!

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