From Tourist to Traveller: Dhoby Ghaut

This is the sixth post about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous one before you continue.

Movie theatres are like second home to me, I watch like 70-75 movies on the big screen in a calendar year and that’s on the minimum side, so watching a movie in Singapore was on my list and watching Star Wars in a different country I couldn’t have said no to that.
dscn0422After asking a few locals about the Movie Theatres, I found out there is one in Dhoby Ghaut(yup Dhoby Ghaut, you read it right), I had no idea how to reach that place. Somebody told me to go via MRT(that’s what Singapore transit is called), I met a couple who asked me to tag along as they were heading in that direction, but I got distracted and ended up relaxing on the riverside for a while.


dscn0423I reached the movie theatre, and the show was supposed to begin after 20 minutes, in the waiting area I met some french people. We talked about Games, Movies, Star Wars, Singapore, and we talked about food as well, quite frankly the nerdiest 20 minutes of my life. They told me about few places to see which I forgot after watching the movie. The theatre was like one of the more premier movie theatre in India, not too much different, 100s of commercial before the movie, it felt like home to me.

dscn0424After the movie, I decided to check the surrounding area and it looked lovely. Later, I found out every area in Singapore looks beautiful in the night. I felt like exploring the area I was staying in, so I took a taxi and asked the driver to drop me at the nearest landmark I knew near the hotel. Thinking the hotel would be just 100 meters ahead or so I ended up walking for a mile and I still couldn’t find the place basically I felt lost. Finally, a person was able to help me with directions and 10-15 minutes later I reached the hotel. After recharging my phone and myself, I was back on the street to explore Little India, I ended up eating in a small restaurant. After roaming around for a bit, I went back to the hotel for a good night sleep.


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