From Tourist to Traveller: Farrer Park, China Town

This is the seventh post about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous one before you continue.

It was my second day in Singapore and I was wondering if last night, my legs had given up on me or I had given up on my legs regardless I decided not to walk around much. I inquired about the transit, it turns out there is a $30 Tourist Pass which gives you unlimited access to bus and MRT for 3 days.

wp_20161217_13_00_44_rich_liI was anxious to go out but I couldn’t, as it was raining like cats and dogs. After waiting for an hour, I decided to go out under an umbrella to the nearest mall, figured better than just staying in. The City Square Mall, it was decorated for Christmas and it looked lovely.  A kids show was going on and the kids were just going ballistic, I loved the energy. I found a sports/utility store,  it had a lot of stuff, from camping equipment to adventure sports, I ended up buying some cool things.

wp_20161217_13_59_31_rich_liIt is not that I was hungry but I wanted to try some different kind of food, so I went to the food court and began the confusing process again of selecting what to eat. I ended up eating from a Japanese place, I selected a meal which had Teriyaki chicken, Salmon, Rice, and Soup. I believe soup and rice are part of most of the meals, so be prepared for that. While eating I ended up having a conversation with a lady from Singapore, she told me about her kids, about the culture, about National Service, it was a profound experience.

wp_20161217_15_47_07_rich_liNext on my list was China Town so I took the MRT to reach there, to be honest, it was a not what I was expecting it to be. The only good thing which I found about the whole China Town was the Tintin store, it had a lot of collectibles but photography was not allowed inside the store. Then after walking around a bit, I decided to head towards Harbourfront.




wp_20161217_16_32_52_rich_liI saw a lot of cool things around the harbor, I saw a cruise ship for the first time in my life, some structures which really don’t make any sense to me. There was a mall there from where I bought toys for my sister’s kids. Then, I went back to the hotel to get rid of the extra stuff with me as I was really excited for Clarke Quay, I was gonna meet some friends there in the night.


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