From Tourist to Traveller: Clarke Quay, Newton Food Center

This is the eighth post about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous one before you continue.

I read about Clarke Quay while researching about Singapore. Honestly, I was looking forward to spending an evening there more than anything.
wp_20161217_21_27_23_rich_liI met some family friends there, although it was my first time meeting them and it didn’t felt that way. We sat at a riverside cafe, the food was really good, seriously I think chicken always tastes good regardless where in the world you are! As time went by the whole place started getting lit up, boats were going up and down the river, there was a bridge changing color every few minutes.

wp_20161217_21_53_53_rich_li-2We talked about Singapore, India, compared the lifestyles of the two. It was nice to get a different perspective on things. Then we went for a walk around the area, being Christmas time there were carolers, there was a Silent Disco in the middle of the street basically, the whole area had a lot of cool things.

wp_20161218_00_24_30_rich_liLater we went to Newton Food Center,  took a cab to reach that pace. I liked the atmosphere, the place was packed. It had several stalls all around and open sitting space in the middle. I sort of learned how to eat with chopsticks,  I ate a lot of different things, all of them were amazing, but I don’t remember the names other than Satay. After that, I took a cab to the hotel and the day ended with a big smile on my face.


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