From Tourist to Traveller: East Coast Beach

This is the ninth post about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous ones before you continue.

wp_20161218_14_06_40_rich_liI wanted to explore the city in a way tourists normally don’t, I wanted to see the roads, I wanted to know the culture. I got to see the residential area when I went for lunch at my friend’s home. The area was beautiful there were trees all around, their home was lovely.


wp_20161218_16_43_35_rich_liAfter having an awesome lunch, I left for the East Coast beach. I had to change bus at Chai Chee Street, So I took the opportunity to roam in that area. There were some beautiful Christmas decorations, a store which had just had all the Camping Equipment you can imagine from a kayak to cycling gloves. I bought a bag for myself from there, then I left for the beach.

wp_20161218_18_08_55_rich_liThe first thing which surprises me at the beach was the fact there was a pond near it, later it made all the sense in the world when I saw people doing some acrobats in it. The surrounding area had a cool culture of its own, kids were skateboarding and adults were jogging with tracking equipment taped to their arm, they looked serious about it. Then I reached the actual beach, the last time I went to any beach was 1998 and I was in Goa. I just sat on the sand for a while and enjoyed the waves.

wp_20161218_18_21_41_rich_liThe night before along with learning how to eat with chopsticks I also got a million dollar advice to eat Stingray at the beach and it was an opportunity to test my chopsticks skills, which I wasn’t gonna miss. I got the Stingray for around $12 and it was incredible, the whole chopsticks thing made it even better!


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