From Tourist to Traveller: National Stadium, and Orchard Road

This is the tenth post about my solo trip to Singapore, please read the previous one before you continue.

wp_20161218_19_47_35_momentThere is a Light Show every night at the Marina Bay and I was running against time to reach there, I was on the bus and only a few minutes were left for it to start. I can’t explain but for no reason, I got off the bus and I was quite far away from the Bay. It was raining heavily and I saw stairs going up to an overhead bridge. To my surprise, it was heading towards Singapore National Stadium. The whole area was incredible, there was a track along the circumference. People were sprinting, I was surrounded by athletes all around. I found a group of kids who were dueling with lightsabers. I got to lay my hands on a lightsaber as well.
wp_20161218_20_48_30_rich_liI saw the most beautiful Transit station in the world in my opinion. It was built like a cave with the illusion of water at the bottom, words won’t be enough to explain it. Once I reached the bay, I found out there is another light show starting in an hour, that gave me some time to roam about. I went to the Garden by the Bay which was frankly disappointing. Light and Water Show, that’s what it is called, it was beautiful and informative. It tells you about Singaporean history, there was some theatrics with fire as well.
wp_20161218_22_28_23_rich_liThe best part of my trip was also the worst part, I went a week before Christmas. The whole city was dressed up for the occasion but it left me wondering how the city would have looked like on the actual Christmas Eve. Next on my list was Orchard Road, it looked pretty and had a Christmasy vibe to it, carolers all around. Just being there made me happy and forget everything in the world!


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